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This project was done for a User Experience Design course I took at General Assembly. For the final assignment, I choose to create a mental health app as it is a topic that I care greatly about. 

User Experience • User Interface

Communakey App Overview

Mental health is an incredibly broad topic, so I didn’t really know where to start. Based on some initial online research and understanding, I did know that accessibility to services has always been at the forefront.

I conducted one-on-one interviews and discovered that people with lived experience are incredibly aware of what tools work best for them. This made it somewhat difficult to identify key problems that I could create solutions for.

Communakey App Persona
Communakey App Mind Map

I also performed a competitive analysis that made me realize a lot of apps are already trying many approaches to mental health and wellness. Either way, my goal was to identify any common features and areas of opportunity. From there I decided to incorporate five main features into the app for this project:

  1. Discovering Services
  2. Talking to/Messaging Practitioners
  3. Journalling
  4. Self Reflective Check-Ins
  5. Sharing Journal and Check-In Notes with Practitioners
Communakey App Competitive AnalysisCommunakey App User Flow

Mentally health-conscious people need an avenue to find the specific help they need. Because everyone’s experience with mental health is different, finding the right service can take some time.

  • Allow people to efficiently find and contact licensed/certified mental health service workers,
  • And allow users to also have a conversation with themselves.
Communakey App Low Fidelity Wireframe Sketches

The primary experience of CommunaKey is enabling someone to quickly find options for mental health services based on what they would like help with, and the kind of help they would like.

Furthermore, users can then filter their results to focus their search. This process can also help reduce the amount of time users spend searching for the right help they need.

Communakey App Medium Fidelity Wireframe
Communakey App Main Screens

Assignment • General Assembly
Instructor • Patryk Adamczyk
Date • November 16, 2020

Special Thank Yous • To the volunteers who I interviewed and who helped me user test different parts of the prototype.

Communakey App Brand Components
Sabrina Dias Consulting Brand Hero

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