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Viking Recycling and Circular Partners are sister companies. Viking Recycling provides removal and deconstruction services so materials stay out of landfills by being repurposed, recycled, or reused. Circular Partners was started earlier this year to sell these kinds of materials directly to consumers such as interior designers, craft makers and tiny home builders. Circular Partners already had a logo, but needed to build a brand to inform the rest of their business materials so they can begin marketing what they are selling. 


I visited Viking Recycling's warehouse where they keep the tons of materials they save and to see what they do in action. I got see first hand the materials they store to resell or repurpose. They had funky different shaped windows, and a mish-mash of tiling on the kitchen floor. One of the employees took a bunch of scrap fabric materials, sewed them together and then stuffed it with even more scrappier fabrics to make a bean-bag, foot-stool sort of thing. The possibilities felt almost endless.

Circular Partners three initial brand exploration options.

The logo was created using the golden-ratio, so I began building my ideas from and around that. I knew that what I was going to make had to work with their logo, build upon it and emphasize the company's mission. Since they have three main audiences, I explored a few rough ideas that each had a different feel and direction. One was more homey and a kin to a hardware store flyer. The second idea was modern and contemporary. And the last idea had an industrial, linear feel to it, emphasizing the products they have. 

Circular Partners brand exploration 1Circular Partners brand exploration 1
Circular Partners brand guide book cover and pages spread.
Circular Partners brand example on a mobile phone and laptop mockup.

A flexible use of a golden-ratio grid divided designs into versatile sections for text, photography and colour, similar to what their audiences could do with the materials. I made sure there was some organized thinking with the golden-ratio grid, so I came up with the solution that depending on the size of the print or digital piece, the more grids you could use, and eventually you could use grids within grids to create a larger layout.

Lastly, I provided notes on which camera settings and lighting placement give the best results, such as getting consistent colour and to avoid blurry areas. 

Circular Partners brand example on a business card mockup
Circular Partners brand social media post exmaples.
Circular Partners brand example on a postcard and letterhead mockup.

Client • Viking Recycling / Circular Partners
Date • April 2023

Logo Design, Website Design & Copywriting • Haley Anderson

Circular Partners photography layout examples
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