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SOOP Strategies provides Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Services in the Mining Industry. I created their inaugural sustainability report for the year 2021, and then after that they wanted to use the report design to update their website.

Print Design • Website Design

SOOP Strategies Inaugural Sustainability Report Book Cover Mockup

SOOP didn't have too much of a brand so I referenced some elements from their previous website to create a design system for the report. This included using dotted elements used as a textural and organizational element, boxes, simple icons, illustrations, and great photography they had from onsite visits with their clients/partners. This served as the starting point to update their website as it looked a bit dated, had some organizational issues with it, and so they could more easily post case studies and blogs on it.

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SOOP Strategies Inaugural Sustainability Report Collage of Pages
SOOP Strategies Inaugural Sustainability Report Pages Spread Mockup

I performed an audit of their old site and a competitive analysis to identify what areas were working well, needed improvement, and how to stand out from other ESG focused businesses. Then I put together the site architecture and a low-fidelity wireframe with an emphasis on highlighting case studies first. SOOP and I aligned on structure, organization and content pacing to ensure we were building in key sections.

SOOP Strategies Old Website

Since the design direction started with inaugural report I did for them, I refined that approach for brand consistency. I applied an evolved design approach for web to a medium-fidelity prototype that established a consistent but flexible system. Most site modules had two to four variations we could use or adapt to different content. 

SOOP Strategies Low-Fidelity WireframesSOOP Strategies Low-Fidelity Wireframes

I used large type, striking photography and their primary red to draw in attention. A dot pattern was used to add some texture to the website as opposed to an organizational element like how it eas used in the report. The updated site is much more structured and has a clear direction to lead viewers into hiring SOOP.

SOOP Strategies Medium-Fidelity Wireframes
SOOP Strategies Apply Cinema Display Desktop Website Projects Page Mockup

SOOP and I are current in discussion to capture this brand properly in a guide as well as refresh new business materials such as stationery, presentation templates, and newsletter templates.

SOOP Strategies Tablet Website Team Page Mockup
SOOP Strategies Two Mobile Phone Website Mockup On Rocks

Client • SOOP Strategies
Date • July 2023

Web Development • Joey Macneil
Copywriting • Alison Bell Ashley
Photography • Sabrina Dias

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SOOP Strategies Website Map
Circular Partners brand example on a poster mockup.

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